A greener, leaner eco-friendlier approach to corporate gifting in 2021: 

2020 has been an extraordinary year, one that will certainly go down in the history books. The final push is upon us, presenting an opportunity to reflect and refocus our energies towards a higher purpose, one that supports our own company vision of contributing to a greener, eco-friendlier and more sustainable service offering. 

CK Advertising has come a long way since its inception, offering an array of Outdoor Advertising solutions as well as bespoke promotional items from trusted retail brands that we love and are proud to be associated with. For over a decade, we’ve catered to clients across a broad spectrum of services and will continue to do so for as long as there is a need. While the CK Advertising team will still be able to source, procure and manufacture traditional promotional gifting items, we are dedicating a lot more energy towards sustainable corporate gifting solutions in 2021.

Part of our own corporate responsibility and overall ethos is to create a company culture that supports eco-friendly initiatives, suppliers, local producers and manufacturers, as well as strategies that are aligned with sustainability. Our aim is to educate corporate clients about the benefits eco-conscious strategies have on our country, from both an economic and conservation perspective. 

Part of our strategy includes:

– Supporting zero plastic promotional products manufactured in South Africa
– Using growing paper products as an alternative to traditional paper stock
– Sourcing sustainable promotional gift items that are eco-friendly, durable and cost effective
– Awareness campaigns around stats and figures
– Consultation services that actively promote sustainable gift solutions   
– Procuring locally produced consumable products that support and grow our local markets
– Community projects that conserve and keep our oceans and beaches clean
– Community drives around the education of sustainable farming 

If you are wondering why this matters to us, here are 3 reasons why green is the way to go: 

  1. Business Values: Actions speak volumes about a company, and when one elects to take an active sustainable approach, it demonstrates a higher level of brand consciousness, that could effectively make a huge impact on South Africa’s overall carbon footprint
  2. Optics and perception: Green is definitely the new black. Environmental issues are trending with a new level of consumer consciousness growing by the day. Businesses that are showing socially responsible interests communicate a higher level of relevance in the market place which is getting younger and more demanding of sustainable change 
  3. Social Responsibility: B2B and direct consumers that see value in being environmentally conscious are more likely to retain brand loyalty. It makes them feel part of the solution instead of the problem  

We’ll be planting the seeds of encouragement early next year so keep an eye on our social media pages @ck_advertising Subscribe to our newsletter on the website for more information about sustainable corporate gift ideas as well as current trends.

Wishing all of our clients, colleagues and employees a festive and inspiring festive season and a happy new year that brings many positive changes in 2021 and beyond.