While most of us are used to seeing red in Feb, we are seeing green by helping you understand the benefits of sustainable promo gift solutions.

The world is changing in so many ways, which makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest marketing trends and purchasing behaviors. Brand values and brand loyalty has come a long way, evolving with the digital transformation boom. Who you are and what you stand for is fundamental to marketing your business effectively which is why CK Advertising is here to help you with sustainable promo gift solutions that will help you “go green.”

Going green at a time when our planet needs it the most is the ultimate act of love. It’s not difficult to understand why green marketing is so appealing. It can be highly profitable for your business (studies show that 90% of millennials are more willing to pay extra for products that are good for the environment than traditional products and services) and it shows that your business is being responsible. 

As businesses, it’s our corporate responsibility to make a difference for the next generation of corporate movers and shakers. The benefits include: 

  • Enhanced brand image 
  • Increased competitive advantage 
  • Better financial and investment opportunities 
  • Healthier work environments for your employees 

Start small. Grow with us:

Going green is a commitment that businesses should not take lightly. It’s more than just a slogan, and if not executed correctly, can backfire horribly. Customers spend most of their time online meaning that your business should show a true reflection about its commitment to sustainability. 

A good place to start is through your internal and external marketing initiatives. Instead of purchasing traditional promo items, support those local businesses who are actively procuring, producing and promoting eco-friendly products and services. CK Advertising has a wide range of sustainable promo items. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Bamboo Products:

You can make anything from bamboo. Flash sticks, power banks, notebooks, phone chargers, lunch boxes, coffee mugs and even cutlery. These items are great for the environment and look very chic. 

Growing Paper Products: 

It starts with one small seed and blossoms into something beautiful. We are huge advocates for growing paper products. Growing paper is such a joy and uses seeds that can grow easily. A unique printing process ensures that no chemicals are added during the paper making process. Only water, post consumer paper and seeds. 

You can make anything out of growing paper including greeting cards, comp slips, gift tags, bookmakers, notebooks, business cards and coasters. 

Recycled Material Products:

There are so many local South African businesses that produce luxurious corporate gifts from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. The benefit of recycled materials is two-fold. Supporting a local business and the environment through conscious corporate gifting. 

Our personal favorite items include wallets, tote bags, brief cases and wine bottle holders. Ideal bespoke gift solutions for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. 

Have a look at our sustainable gift range here: CK Unique

Do you need help with sustainable promo items? Give our CK ambassadors a shout on info@ckadvertising.co.za