Digital Township Advertising

Outdoor Active Digital Media has the advantage of providing constant exposure for the brand, while establishing  its presence in the mind of the consumer and will be more willing to try the advertised brand due to its  continuous and captivating message. 40 Digital Billboards at prime locations in townships, nationally.


A strong and constant call to action;

Provides excellent night visibility due to signage illumination.



42” professional lcd / LED monitor

Oncon Advertising has rolled out 150 42-inch digital screens at the point of sale  in 200 taverns/shebeens. These interactive screens speaks to customers at the venues. The Consumer is predominantly male aged  between 18 and 55.

He will be the decision maker when it comes to finances, insurance, banking and  mobile networks. The taverns lend themselves to a lot of dwell time and therefore time  to engage with your product or service.