In the competitive world of business, it’s critical to wear your heart and soul on your sleeve. Brandability and brand recognition has never been more important or relevant than it is today, especially in the corporate sector where new threats and opportunities present themselves daily. Increasing one’s brand visibility can be a very costly exercise with very little return on investment. Fortunately, there is a secret brand ambassador with the ability to make a large impact for a very reasonable price. 

Promotional products remain one of the leading and most affordable marketing mechanisms a business can invest in. Five of the most common reasons are:  

  1. It’s a low cost yet highly effective marketing exercise 
  2. It creates instant brand recognition 
  3. It provides your business with brand exposure 
  4. Branding makes your business accessible to potential clients 
  5. They stimulate and promote customer loyalty 

Promotional items can really be as simple as a pen, a notepad or even a T-Shirt. The truth remains that a high percentage of people remember the company from which they received a promotional product from, meaning they are more likely to do business with them as a result. Statistics state that 500% more referrals come from customers who are given quality promotional gifts that can be used on a long term basis. 

Quality over quantity: 

The debate around the effectiveness of promotional branding has been tried and tested for decades, divided between those who see its value and the skeptics who see it as a cheap gimmick. Another conundrum that marketers seem to have is how to step up their promo game with quality, unique and affordable promotional items. There are, after all, only so many T-Shirts you can give away? While being on top of your promo game is critical to the success of any marketer, being ahead of the curve can give you that extra competitive advantage. 

As a company with over a decade of experience, CK Advertising takes pride in innovative promotional and advertising solutions, providing high quality promotional apparel and gifting solutions to a wide range of clients. Some of the brand associations include top retail brands such as Polo, MontBlanc, Suunto, Puma, Leatherman, Adidas, Cape Storm and The NorthFace. 

“Retail brands continue to capture attention in the promo product world, and it’s not hard to see why. People are naturally drawn to brands that are recognized for their outstanding quality. It makes sense that organizations would want to align themselves with these well-respected brands by using their products as promotions.” – Branded Inc, Canada

Making these retail brands accessible to businesses is only half the solution. The cherry on top is our full turn key solution providing assistance with both creative and consulting services, from concept and design to procurement and execution. Our team of highly skilled and expert brand ambassadors offer insights to the latest promotional item trends and an array of exclusive products that will set your brand apart from your competitors. 


Another innovation is the introduction of locally sourced, eco-friendly and sustainable promotional items. The CK Advertising team have discovered some local gems over the past few months and have included these items into a new CK Unique catalogue. 

South Africa is a treasure chest of undiscovered talent, with beautiful artisanal and hand crafted promotional items that are not only exquisite, unique and memorable but also supporting an economy of local entrepreneurs. One of the latest finds are these amazing growing paper calendars made from entirely 100% recyclable paper.  

For more information about CK Advertising or CK Unique, request a consultation with one of our CK Brand Ambassadors on