When it comes to innovative giftware for exceptional people, Andy Cartwright gets it right. We discovered this gem a few years ago and the result has never disappointed. Clients have fallen in love with this brand not only for its beauty and quality, but for its durability and corporate branding potential.   

But first, a little bit more about the artist. Andy Cartwright is an exceptional design brand specializing in trendy homeware, attention-grabbing promotional products and uniquely elegant corporate gifts. Renowned for their striking designs, Andy Cartwright products are tasteful, functional and lifestyle orientated, allowing a seamless migration into the corporate branding space. 

Within the Andy Cartwright brand are Afro-centric themes, ranging from classic French chic to tribal. Each item is bold and contemporary, vibrant and utterly unique, catering to a number of niche markets looking to elevate their branding and leave a memorable impression.

In honour of heritage day, we are showcasing the full Andy Cartwright’s collection. From glassware and beautifully crafted bag swag to stationary with African flair and some of the most unique corporate gift solutions. With 2021 coming to a rapid close, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your year of end gifting.


Branded as contemporary yet classic, cultural yet global. The Andy Cartwright range brings creativity, functionality and indulgence into everyday living. An entertainers delight, combining playful innovation with artful aesthetics that make serving food a momentous occasion.

CK Advertising Recommends: At Your Service Dish and platter, Double Spread Cheese & Paté Set, Palette L’Artiste Cheese Set and Glass Serving Board

I am South African Range:

This range was created by the South African designer to celebrate the incredible diversity and iconic humans that have shaped South Africa’s incredible people. With over 45 symbols and 10 tribal patterns embedded into the South African flag, this one is 100% proudly South African.

CK Advertising Recommends: I am South African Ball Pen and Vuvuzela Pen, Notebook, Glass Serving Board, Cheese Set, Glass Coasters, Coffee Mug and Tumbler



The Afrique Collection:

Beautiful and sophisticated. The Afrique range of premium giftware is for the discerning palette, combining French Chic with African flair, showcasing vibrancy, passion and the raw beauty of Africa. The svelte lines and simplicity allow for an extremely unique yet functional gift solution.

CK Advertising Recommends: Afrique Notebook, Wooden Memory Stick, Wine Glasses and Decanter



Possibly our absolute favorite. Nobody does a potjie quite like a South African. Inspired by Africa’s iconic cast iron pot, Andy Cartwright has recreated a playful and quirky product ideal for snacks, desserts, soups and sauces. And even cocktails!

CK Advertising Recommends: Poykie Ceramic Pot


The Geo Collection:

This collection incorporates sleek black and white lines paired with vibrant slashes of colour. Bold, modular and ethnic designs crafted into contemporary, modern decor pieces.

CK Advertising Recommends: Geo Conference Tote, Ball Pen and Notepad and Salad Set


All items can be branded with your company logo. Speak to our CK Creatives about options for your corporate gifting or year end staff initiatives. 

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