One of CK Advertising’s many aspirations is to consistently work with clients that have inspiring brand narratives. Clients whose ethos echo our own and who aren’t afraid of innovations that influence a greater social impact. Whether it’s their customer service, a unique product, or a brand value-driving sustainable economic growth, we are drawn and attracted to brands with a higher purpose. 

BioCarbon Partners (BCP) was founded in 2012 and has been a client of CK Advertising for the past two years. Their mission is to make the conservation of wildlife habitat valuable, not only for the environment but for humanity as well. In a very short space of time, BCP has emerged as one of the leading REDD+ developers in Africa with several notable community development projects under their belt. 

Like our approach to customer service and creative brand experiences, BCP’s mission was a deeply personal one. Dr. Hassan Sachedina founded the organisation out of an intense passion for African conservation. He started his career volunteering in rhino sanctuaries before starting his first job running the Selous Rhino Trust in Tanzania. While wildlife and Rhino conservation had always been his dream job, it was also extremely idealistic. Without the support of community partnerships and incentives to make it economically viable to people, wildlife and forest conservation could never truly be sustainable.  

Zambia was the chosen country to lay the foundation for BCP, with world-class national parks and vast but rapidly disappearing forests. Deforestation is a massive global problem, accounting for roughly 11% of the world’s carbon emissions, and one of the driving forces behind BCP’s existence. The development of BCP’s carbon offset projects is something we are proud to support, not only for the conservation of Africa’s wildlife strongholds but also for the massive impact it has on delivering powerful community projects. 

In just nine years, BCP has already reached a number of milestones including: 

  • 988 577 hectares of protected forests 
  • 87 jobs created in local communities 
  • 224 622 individuals benefiting through community development projects and improved livelihoods 
  • 6 969 896 tons of verified carbon emissions reduced to date 
  • $3 900 000 invested into community development projects 

BCP is also creating one of Africa’s largest migration corridors, protecting the habitat linking 5 National Parks in Zambia to conserve biodiversity connectivity for Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  

BioCarbon Partners Wildlife Conservation

BCP has been officially B Corp Certified, believing in purpose over profit. Their contribution towards combating climate change is positively infectious, which is why they are CK Advertising’s Client of the Month! We are proud contributors of the #24 Eco-Charcoal “Elephant Charge project and support BCP’s initiative to make our world a better, safer and more sustainable place to raise our children.  

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