Virtual Experiences and Year-End Gift Ideas: 

Can you believe it? It’s already November, which means we are less than a month away from planning year-end functions and Christmas corporate gifting. While COVID-19 may seem like the Grinch that stole Christmas, surviving one of the most disruptive years of all time is all the more reason to celebrate the clients and employees that kept you going throughout the year. 

But where do you begin and what is the reality? The truth is that most businesses have only started getting into the swing of “the new normal”, with bigger priorities other than year end parties and corporate gifting. Budget cuts means less spending on marketing initiatives, and presents a need for cost effective solutions while companies try to pick up the financial pieces of 2020. What’s even more challenging are the restrictions and challenges around social interaction with our colleagues and clients during the festive season. Is Christmas officially cancelled?  


CK Advertising: Your Christmas Angels:

CK Advertising has your back! We are lifting the burden off the shoulders of office managers, marketeers and business owners by providing some innovative, cost-effective solutions to keep the year-end spirit burning. From simple brand gifts and promotional gift boxes, to online year-end activities that are memorable, interactive and most importantly – FUN! 

Gift Idea 1: The Power of Simplicity

We know! We know! Sounds very boring, however, everyone has a favourite pen. The simplicity of providing good quality stationary to a very special client is highly undervalued. Not only is this a quick and cost effective solution for a year-end corporate gift, but great exposure for your brand. A branded quality pen means that your brand is literally, forever in the palm of your client’s hand.  

Gift Idea 2: Little Boxes:

While the true meaning of Christmas is time spent with loved ones and friends, there is something special about opening up a box with your name on it, especially if it contains a few or more of your favourite things.

Our pick of the season are gift boxes from Funky Ouma. Each gift box contains some local Olive Oil, Ground Coffee (or Moer Koffie), Chilli and Braai Salt. These adorable trinquets come in a little wooden box which we can brand, seal and deliver to that special client or employee.

For more ideas, check out the CK Unique portfolio here: 

Gift Idea 3: Cheese and Wine:

The best part about a South African year-end is that we are right in the middle of Summer which means lots of delicious wines to taste. The downside about 2020 is that wine farms have a limited amount of capacity due the Coronavirus. The early bird needs to catch that worm a little quicker this year around.

We have partnered up with some amazing suppliers to deliver an online interactive year-end experience. Whether you are looking for an internal activation to keep employees motivated, or whether you are looking to show your client a good time, Virtual Cheese and Wine tastings are a great solution to spoil that someone special.

How it works? We provide you with a selection of wines and pairings that are available for you and your team to taste. Once a selection is made, we’ll deliver a branded box to the recipients along with tasting glasses. Through the digital powers of zoom, we’ll connect each recipient to a host or connoisseur of your choice. Voila!

Gift Idea 4: Virtual Entertainment:

There’s an old saying in showbiz – The show must go on! An online virtual show is a great way of saying thank you to all your staff members and employees. We can arrange anything from stand-up comedy shows and musical entertainment to ventriloquists and magic shows. 

Contact our CK Advertising Brand ambassadors for more – hurry! Before it disappears! 

Gift Idea 5: Virtual Quiz Night:    

Time to get Quizzical! This virtual year-end solution works as a two-for-one solution. Not only is this a great way to say thank you to your teams and clients, but it also provides a great solution to team building initiatives. Great for competitive teams that need work together in your organisation, not to mention, extremely fun. 

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